Potomac Audio has a comfortable and casual environment where you can relax and concentrate on making music. The studio is designed as a single 1000 sq. ft. room, with the recording equipment separated from the players’ space.

Potomac Audio studio

You are a pleasure to work with and your studio is fabulous.

There was plenty of room to take cues from each other.

Potomac Audio specializes in clean ensemble recordings with the musicians playing together. The studio size minimizes undesirable bleedthrough between instruments, while the proximity of the players lends an intimacy and immediacy to the recordings. There is something amazing that happens when musicians play off each other that can't be replicated when they are isolated.

It's also possible to build a larger ensemble recording out of groups of section performances. As an example, a 10-piece band had difficulty getting all the members to a single recording session. The solution was to record the band in three sessions: the rhythm section playing as an ensemble, the horn section playing as an ensemble, and the vocalists performing together. The result was a polished but obviously live performance.

For more information about the studio, take a look at the instruments available for use, the recording equipment, the studio hours and rates.


The recordings are exactly what I wanted: intimate and honest.

Thanks for making me feel at home in your studio. It was a pleasure working with you.