Rates and Hours


Potomac Audio is a private studio and operating hours are limited. Typically, recording slots are available weekends and weekday evenings. Other times can be arranged to meet your project goals.



Recording rates are in the $50 to $100 per hour range depending on the project scope. With rare exceptions, studio setup time is performed at no charge. This, of course, requires some advance notice of who will be involved and what equipment will be used. Surprises will be dealt with during your on-the-clock recording time.

Studio musical equipment can be used at no additional cost. With a full drum set and a wide variety of amplifiers, most musicians can just bring their guitars.

For smaller projects, mixing is often performed at no additional cost. For larger or more complex projects, mixing rates will be negotiated. If you want to be present during mixing, regular studio rates will apply.


You did so much with just a short amount of time and all the mixes have a nice sound.